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A great life is found in the magnificent cause of Jesus Christ. The cause of all believers is to make Jesus’ name known. It’s the cause of Christ that motivates one (1) in eight (8) Christians in 2021 to endure persecution. Paul the apostle said it was the “cause of Christ” that motivated him to endure hardship (Philippians 1:13).

In the Scriptures, David discovered a great life in his commitment to the cause. He heard Goliath taunt the Hebrew army, and saw his brothers cower in fear. His anger arose, and he said, “Is there not a cause?” (1 Samuel 17:29). He understood covenant with God, and was dismayed to see his fellow Hebrews’ lack of response. They all had “valid” excuses. Faith was released in David through his commitment to the cause. Goliath was a big problem, but David saw God’s power in him was stronger. David was not in the army, but his consent to be used by God resulted in his victory. Believers today have a better covenant in Jesus. Like David, God looks for an available heart and life. We commit to Christ’s cause, in response to His awesome commitment to us. Commitment to the cause releases faith in us to overcome giants. Average lives are empowered to accomplish extraordinary exploits for the cause.

Nehemiah discovered a life of influence in his commitment to the cause. He was a slave, a cup bearer to a foreign king. He had little wealth, influence, or reason to believe he could live a great life. However, he heard the walls of Jerusalem were in disrepair. He could have said, “It's not my problem. I'm 1000 miles away, plus I have my own problem,” but he was committed to the cause, and took bold action. He asked the king for time off, protection, and supplies to rebuild the wall. The king gave him all he requested, because, as Nehemiah said, “the gracious hand of God was on me” (Nehemiah 2:8). What if Nehemiah had never taken the risk and asked the king? Commitment to take action released favor in Nehemiah's life. The walls had been in disrepair for almost 60 years. It could have been a prophet or a person of wealth to rebuild the wall, but it was a slave who acted. Increase, transformation, and supply followed his commitment. In the same way, our commitment to the cause of Christ will release boldness and God’s awesome provision.

Today, the cause of Christ remains. Like David, we could say we are not the most qualified, trained or positioned. Like Nehemiah, we could think it is not the right time, we have our own problems. Yet, it was their commitment to the cause that lifted them above their limitations into a life of victory and strength. The cause of Christ in 2021, the Great Commission, requires vast resources and people of faith. Each time we share Jesus, pray for others, help those in need, and give to the work of the Lord, we respond to the cause of Christ. Like David and Nehemiah, in our commitment to the cause, we discover a truly great life.

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