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Celebration Church Toronto Welcomes You to
Next Talk Parenting Seminar

Parents often ask, where do I start? The digital world has changed parenting. We're in new territory. What do we do? How do we keep our kids safe? 
NextTalk is a faith-based small group video study designed to answer these questions. NextTalk`s goal is to walk parents through 9 weeks of "first-steps" so you can start implementing the solution. NextTalk is created by parents just like you. Learn what it means to be a cyber parent in today's world. 
Weekly Lessons Include Topics:
*The problem. The solution.
*It begins with me.  
*Open communication in my marriage. 
*Creating a culture of conversation with my kids. 
*Phones. Contracts. Social Media. 
*Sex. Sexuality. Transgender 
*Stress can lead to: Screen Addiction. Cutting. Suicide. 
*Parenting without fear 

Register Today:

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