Prosperity Through the Pandemic

God is good! So Good! As your Good Friday sermon mentioned (click here to watch), we as Jesus children receive super protection and no evil and plague will touch us. 


Starting from January the Covid-19 virus spread in China and Holy Spirit told us to take communion every day. As a busy Toronto family, we were wishing or planning many things, but there are always interruptions and distractions to stop them. BUT, this time, with  Holy Spirit’s help, we became determined to take communion every day. Praise our Lord, it is not our faith, it is His faith-strengthening us to draw closer to him.

Both of us have been full time working on our own business since 2017. Thanks for Jesus we have freedom and choice doing this. The business is growing slowly with many challenges all the time, which we do believe are good trials to make us stronger. However, we still always feel lack and shortage financially. We were asking God why why why! Until this January when we started the holy communion every day, when we apply the blood of Jesus on everything, and the situation changed. 


God opened new doors for our business to grow dramatically. At the same time we received many attacks bigger than ever. We were worried about the business so much and crying to our Lord. He told us, if Jesus opens a door, nobody can shut it. So we applied the blood of Jesus Christ on our business over and over and asked for supernatural protection. 


God is good, He answers His children’s prayers always, especially in this special time. Till now, our sales are higher than Christmas holiday and best ever. More importantly, God put excessive peace into our heart, no matter what surrounds us, Christ is our refuge and we are under his protection. 


By the way I do believe in tithes and offerings and we try our best to practice it. We know there is no obligation on the offering, but we follow the Holy Spirit's leading. We believe the offerings we gave are the seeds not only in heaven, also on earth. When there is famine, we are receiving the harvest from our divine seeds. 


This is our testimony and hopefully our church family can open their hearts allowing the Holy Spirit to touch them. Leading by Holy Spirit from victory to victory! Amen!