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When you think of Toronto International Celebration Church, what do you see?

When we think of Celebration Church we see a HOME.

We think of YOU, the people…the family of God.

A home for EVERYONE to gather, not just for now, but for generations to come.

A place where future generations will thrive by growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

A place to BELONG, where faith is ignited and we rest in His faith for the impossible. We think of equipped believers living out purposeful service for God in all areas of society and all the world.

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ to all people so that everyone can know and receive the love of God.

Every year we focus on what we are building as a church.

We think about how we can financially support and strengthen this church so we see it grow and thrive for generations.

What God has done through us as a church is remarkable, but we must ensure we continue to manage and steward what God has given us. We will never back down from the call to bring Jesus to everyone.

This is what Arise & Build helps us do.

On Sunday, June 23rd, we will take up our annual Arise & Build Miracle Offering, over and above our regular giving. Our sacrificial giving blesses our local and global outreaches, moving us forward into a new season of growth and development.

We know that God has brought us together for a powerful purpose and when we come together and take action we will see incredible things take place.

We know that the best is yet to come!


Peter and Nathan


TICC to expand teaching ministry.

*Maximize 190 Railside Rd.

*Build 3 large teaching rooms where multiple classes

operate simultaneously on Sundays and throughout the week.

(With the existing facility this means 5 teaching classes can be ongoing simultaneously.)

TICC to reach unreached people groups in Toronto.

*Sponsor Hindi and Bengali-speaking Gospel Festivals at the Toronto Pavilion with a goal of 1000 new believers.

TICC to participate in developing a Global Gospel Center in Africa.

*Accommodate WIBI - East Africa.

*Mobilize missionaries for Africa's unreached People Groups.

*Plant and empower Christ-centered churches across the African continent.



The arise and build miracle offering will be received on Sunday, June 23rd 2024. 


Together, let's step out of our comfort zones and Arise & Build the place God has called us to be.


This will require some to give $100,000, others. $10,000, others $7,000, others $3,000, others $1,500, $500 or $300. Remember it's not equal giving, it's equal sacrifice.


This is our season! We are a church, United, organized, and ready to charge into our future.


Thank you for being part of what God is doing through celebration Church in 2024. 


Click below to give to Arise & Build, and select Arise & Build in the drop-down menu.

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