Hello Celebration Church Family!


Crisis time is opportunity time with Jesus. He takes what is meant for evil, and empowers us to rise up and overcome. When we do, we not only benefit our own lives, but we help the world in need. 

Thank you for stepping in and stepping up to the fight during this season. These past few weeks, the Celebration Church family (that's you, and every person who calls TICC home) has been the hands and feet of Jesus, igniting life-change across this great city, and the world.




Recently, one of our church members wrote that his friend received Jesus earlier this year at Celebration Church. Then recently, this same new believer, received a new job and promotion... during the pandemic! Let's celebrate this opportunity to take part in expanding God's kingdom!    

Crisis Response


A network of Celebration Church leaders and volunteers across the GTA, are deployed to help those in need. Through a telephone network system, we were able to provide spiritual, mental and even physical support for senior citizens, and others affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Shopping Angels have delivered groceries to those shut-in. Together we continue to partner together to serve the greater good! 

The Power of Prayer


Together, we've prayed for many prayer requests, asking God for protection, healing, financial stability, wisdom, and discernment for our leaders and healthcare workers. Praise reports have been received every week! Join us every Wednesday at 7PM as we continue to pray & see results.



"My tumor disappeared when we prayed at Miracle Monday" is one of many testimonies and miracles reported. Covid-19 healings, financial breakthrough, promotions, increase and many more. Join us every Monday at 7PM as we reveal Jesus, and receive miracles from Him!

Youth Respond


Every Sunday, a group of Celebration Church youth/young adults join on Zoom to study the Scriptures. The growth in each youth has been accelerated. Plus, every Friday, Reign517 youth service has gone online, and been a strength during the crisis.

Teaching Ministry


We now have 4 unique teaching times throughout the week, open for all (Sunday Worship, Miracle Monday, Wednesday Power Hour, Friday Reign 517). Never before have we had so many all church opportunities to grow in the word. Even the babies are joining in! (Melia Thurber seen here watching.)

Global Response


Strong financial stewardship have empowered the Celebration Church to continue giving strong tithes to Missions around the globe. Bible schools in Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia and Myanmar, have also adapted to a new reality of teaching. Together, we help empower future leaders and preachers of the Gospel of Grace around the globe!

Arise & Build


In the middle of a global shut down, together we have launched 2 new initiatives to reach more people with the message this church carries. The outreach to connect with 2,000 new people in Toronto with a Protection in Time of Crisis free package, and the launch of a new online campus, World Impact Celebration Church, have been initiated because of your generosity.  

As we continue to grow through this season together, we thank you for the important role you play in partnering with Celebration Church. Thank you for your generosity and continued involvement in helping further the Kingdom of Christ!



God is for you! We are STRONGER TOGETHER!


-Nathan Thurber


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